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(CLOSED) Front-end Developer open position

About Kaleidos

We defend and believe in open-source and proof of this is that our products reflect that. We are laser-focused on Taiga and Penpot, two platforms aimed at making workflows easier for tech development teams.

We’ve been in the game for over 10 years now, and we’re convinced that technology isn’t neutral. That’s why we like to shake things up and go against the toxic status quo.

If you want to get a better feel for our culture and values, check out our Whitepaper (in Spanish). Just a heads up though - we need to update and translate it but it’ll still give you a good idea of who we are and what we stand for.

🎯 What’s the challenge?

We need your help to develop Taiga - a super complex open-source project built with Angular and NgRX (over 400 Typescript files…yikes!🤯).

That’s why we’re on the lookout for someone who:

➡ Can layout the application interface using semantic HTML and CSS while keeping accessibility in mind.

➡ Can work with various external libraries (especially UI components) that may require pull requests on our end.

➡ Loves working with the latest version of Angular and refactoring regularly (we do it to make sure our architecture stays top-notch).

🪐 What are we looking for?

We believe that education can come in many forms, not just from a degree. That’s why we’re not looking for any specific qualifications, just at least 4 years of experience working as a front-end developer with our stack.

Stack: RxJS, Angular, NgRX, Typescript, Jest, Nx, CSS, HTML, GIT

(We don’t expect you to have 4 years of experience in every aspect of our stack, but rather with a similar stack and a good level of proficiency working with it).

We also expect that you:

  • Have experience working in agile.
  • Can communicate effectively within multidisciplinary teams (UX/UI, business, marketing, back-end, etc.).
  • Have knowledge of accessibility.
  • Can read and write technical documentation in English fluently and accurately.
  • Can speak and write Spanish fluently (at least a B2 level).
  • Can carry out Javascript tests (using Jest, Cypress, etc.).
  • Are passionate about working on open-source projects.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us even if you don’t meet all the requirements. But make sure you meet at least some of the most important ones.

We’d be thrilled (and give you a round of applause 🌊) if you:

  • Have knowledge and experience in accessibility, both in applying accessible solutions and testing for accessibility.
  • Have experience in designing and maintaining design systems.
  • Have worked on open-source projects.

🫂 Who will you work with?

We’re a pretty swell bunch. Check out all the people who work at Kaleidos, but specifically on the Taiga team and project, you’ll be working with:

  • David: adventurous back-end developer and lover of gazpacho.
  • Yamila: just and fair back-end warrior.
  • Teresa: amazonian back-end developer with a sharpshooter’s aim.
  • Dani: nature-loving back-end enthusiast.
  • Ramiro: front-end developer with a passion for manga and anime.
  • Juanfran: developer master of board games.
  • Xavi: front-end developer lover of the Mediterranean sea and food.
  • Marina: front-end developer fan of quokkas.
  • Miryam: UX designer and PO specialist and lover of cats (you’ll see her cat Bora trying to steal the spotlight in all our daily meetings).
  • Natacha: UI designer and defender of broccoli.
  • Esther: UX designer fan of creating things with her hands.

🙌 What do we offer??

💰 Salario: 45k-55k €

📜 Permanent contract. We’re looking for someone to stay with us for a long, long time (hopefully).

Flexible schedule. Even better, a schedule that matches! We all work from 10am-2pm. You can work the rest of your hours whenever you want. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll be in good company.

🌍 100% remote position: we have temporary offices in Madrid and we’re looking for “the offices” that will make our hearts beat faster 💜 and allow us to have some team dynamics throughout the year that will add value. So feel free to work from wherever you want as long as you have a good internet connection and we share the same time zone (UTC+0, UTC+1, or UTC+2) or come to the office as much as you want.

🏝 23 days of vacation, plus December 24th and 31st, and the possibility to buy extra days. You can take your vacation whenever you want, you just need to organize it with the team.

📚 Continuous learning with internal and external courses, conferences, events, and congresses (we give you days off and cover the cost), freedom to experiment with techniques and practices… and we’re still exploring new ways of learning!

🇺🇸 English lessons on the house: classes paid for by the company and as part of your work schedule.

❤️ Alan health insurance through flexible compensation.

🤩 2 PIWEEKs per year! Two weeks per year to investigate and innovate in something that you’re interested in with whoever you want.

🔝 An environment where your opinion matters. We make decisions and vote among all the people who make up Kaleidos.

🤝 Self-organized teams: we believe in personal responsibility. We’re responsible adults, trustworthy people, and we don’t need micro-management

🏹 Monthly getaways (for those who want to, of course) to do something fun as a group: ice skating, bowling, archery, kayaking…

What is the process like?

This process includes the following steps:

  1. Send an email to marta.ardizone@kaleidos.net with the subject line “Front-end Developer position at Kaleidos”, tell us where you saw the job offer and don’t forget to attach your CV. You will receive a response from Marta as soon as possible.
  2. Participate in a 1.5-hour interview with Marta (our People Specialist) and another colleague from Taiga.
  3. Attend a 2-hour technical interview.
  4. Have a 1-hour interview with Pablo, our CEO.
  5. Optional: meet with two people from Kaleidos for a private conversation to ask any questions you may have about the company and the position.

Feedback will be provided to you after each step of the process. Chill out, we’re real people here, not some fancy bots 🤖 working round the clock!

Kaleidos is committed to equal opportunities, regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, family or parental situation, gender identity, disability, or any other protected status. The company values your energy, skills, and desire to be part of the team above all else.

All personal data provided by candidates during the application process will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used for personnel assessment and selection. We are committed to complying with all current legal provisions related to the protection of personal data. By submitting their application, the candidate expressly agrees to the processing of their personal data as set forth above. If candidates wish to rectify or delete their data, they may contact us via email at privacy@kaleidos.net.