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Kaleidos: measures and initiatives in-response to COVID-19

Since the pandemic started, our motto has been “we’d rather do too much than keep adding new measures all the time”. We’ve tried to go ahead instead of waiting for confirmation. Now, more than ever, better safe than sorry. In this post we review the main measures and initiatives we’ve taken since March. All of them have been aimed to improve life-work balance, solidarity, mental well-being and employment security.

How is our project handover process?

There is a stage that is often overlooked among the milestones of a project and that is very important: when the IT partner disconnects from the project. At Kaleidos we know that it is very relevant and it has our attention from the beginning. Projects are designed with a vocation for transfer and with a shared time horizon from the beginning. This has plenty of implications for decisions made throughout the entire project. We discuss the main ones here.

Innovation at Kaleidos: why, what and how we do it

Our commitment to innovation is not timid, it's part of our DNA. We believe innovation sympathizes with failure but expects that you go beyond your comfort zone. In this post, we share our motivation to innovate, our model and how we implement it.

20 years of FOSDEM and… Presentation of UXBOX!

FOSDEM celebrated its 20 years and I’m glad that we were able to contribute with a great and exciting announcement: UXBOX is happening!

Your Best MVP very well could be named Lucy

Lucy, as our old ancestor, was a complete being, capable of surviving, breeding and evolving on its own. You might look at it and consider it “ugly” but at that time, Lucy was a completely viable hominid. That's why we call "Lucy" our MPVs.