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Speaking (again) at GR8Conf EU

This past week I went to Copenhagen for my third GR8Conf EU in a row (and the second one as a speaker) and I also stayed a couple more days sight-seeing the city. These were my favourite sessions:

Speaking about Spock in Riga

I arrived home from ConFoo Monday 29th of February at 16:30 and less than 12 hours later I was on my way to the airport again for the Riga Dev Days. You can imagine that my wife wasn’t so happy, but that’s another story…

Speaking at ConFoo in Montréal

The last week of February I went to Montréal to speak at ConFoo. It was my first time in Canada and I was really excited about the trip and the conference, but before I tell you about the conference, let me share with you a little story.

Speaking at SpringOne 2GX

Last week I went to Washington DC to speak at the SpringOne 2GX conference. I have to admit that I was really excited about the conference but, at the same time, I was nervous because I had no less than three talks!

Kaleidos se va de Feria y Dragon Dreaming

El pasado fin de semana del 29 de mayo asistí a una convención un poco especial: la Feria de la economía verde, solidaria y del bien común, en Málaga. Como podréis adivinar por el nombre, no se trata de nada relacionado con la informática, específicamente, sino de empresas que tratan de hacer las cosas de otra manera.

Speaking at GR8Conf

Last past week I’ve been in Copenhagen for the GR8Conf. It has been the second time I went to the conference but this time I went to present two talks.

The conference “started” on Monday with the traditional speakers dinner and I had a very nice dinner talking with Daniel, his girlfriend Hillary and Jenn. Then during the 3 days at the conference I also talked with some interesting people such as Sascha, Burt, Søren (the GR8Conf organizer), Noam, Guillaume, Ryan, Vladimír, Göran and many more.

Speaking at GeeCON in Krakow

The past week I’ve been in Krakow for the GeeCON conference. It’s a very big Java/JVM conference with more than 1200 attendees, 3 days packed with talks and 5 tracks every day!

Speaking at Spring IO

This past week I’ve been in Barcelona on my fourth stop of the IvánOnTour2015 speaking at the Spring IO conference. After being an attendee for the last three editions in Madrid now it was my turn to go back again but as a speaker.

Talking about Groovy in Vienna

This past week I’ve been at ConFess in Vienna talking about Metaprogramming with Groovy.