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Talking about Groovy in Vienna

This past week I’ve been at ConFess in Vienna talking about Metaprogramming with Groovy.

The conference has been great and I saw very interesting talks covering different topics. These were my favourite talks:

  • Having fun with Javassist (by Anton Arhipov): He explained a little bit of theory and then showed some examples about the different things that you can create using Javassist to modify the final generated bytecode. Some of the things reminded me a little bit about what you can achieve with Groovy AST transformations but using a different tool.
  • Anatomy of Microservice Landscapes (by Michael Plöd): We were “warned” before the talk that we weren’t go to see code but clear explanations about the things that you need to think before moving to a micro-services approach. The talk was really great not only because of the content but because Michael is a great speaker.
  • Reactive Programming with RxJava for Efficient Data Access (by Michael Nitschinger): Michael explained why they decided to move to RxJava for the new Couchbase release (both the server and the Java driver). Then he showed some really nice examples of how to use RxJava and a demo using the Couchbase driver to query the database.

The day before the conference I was attended the speakers dinner and after that we were playing Mini-golf. But instead of being a “regular” mini-golf it was “digital”. You could choose different courses, sticks and just play. It was really fun but I discovered that the golf “is not my thing”.

The party after the first day of talks was also great with live music and beer!

The organization of the conference was good, the venue, the food, the rooms,… I think that there’s nothing to say but kudos to the organizers.

My talk was scheduled for the second day after lunch and, as usual in these Java conferences, it was the only talk related to Groovy. The talk was fine and I received very good feedback after it. There were about 40 persons in the room, so I’m satisfied :-).

In case you’re wondering, the slides and the code examples are available at my slideshare and github accounts.

This has been the third stop of my #IvánOnTour2015. The next stop is Barcelona for the Spring IO the next week.