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KOSDEM 2013 – the Kaleidos we want for 2013

KOSDEM stands for Kaleidos OpenSpace Define&Embrace Meeting and this is the first installment.

We take all the employees to a country house from Thursday to Friday to work towards a general theme: what type of company do we want to be in 2013?

To achieve that the schedule is fairly simple:


  • 17h – 20h, openspace to work on the values that we want Kaleidos to embrace this year + specific actions towards our activity, partners and clients.
  • 20h – 03h+: super-dinner, short walk if the weather is gentle… and an endless night of games (tabletop, rpgs, cards, etc)


  • 08h – 9.30h: superbreakfast 🙂
  • 10h – 11h: big picture ahead, led by “management”.
  • 11h – 12h: conclusions reached and action plan.
  • 13h – back to Madrid and maybe have some casual lunch.

This year we will be enjoying the beautiful small village of La Acebeda, north to Madrid, placed among the northern mountain range.