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Motion Graphic Designer

We're looking for a Motion Graphic Designer to join our Community team at Kaleidos. If you've got a knack for whipping up eye-catching visuals and can sprinkle some editing magic on video segments, we've got an exciting canvas for you: Penpot. Our open source design tool for design and code collaboration.

(Closed) Functional programming Frontend Developer

We're currently seeking a Frontend Developer to join us at Kaleidos. Dive into intricate coding challenges, unleash creativity, optimize performance, and embrace functional programming. Contribute to open-source tools for designers and developers.

(CLOSED) Office Manager position

Here at Kaleidos, we are on the lookout for the next kaleider who can seamlessly handle all the management tasks involved in running an office (located in Madrid), expertly manage the administrative aspects of a product company, and bring their event organizing prowess to both internal and external gatherings. Are you up for embracing new challenges with enthusiasm? We've got the perfect opportunity for you!

(CLOSED) Technical Support Specialist position

We have an exciting challenge for you. We are looking for a professional to handle technical support for our Penpot community. This position is newly created and will be crucial in establishing the foundations of community support. Think of this job as a blank canvas where anything is possible, and you will set the boundaries.

(CLOSED) Marketing Strategist Open Position

Are you ready to take on the challenge of developing and implementing a growth strategy for our open-source business model? As our Marketing Strategist, you'll be tasked with accelerating the adoption growth rate, while ensuring our users continue to engage with our products at the highest levels. If you have a passion for marketing & growth and want to make a significant impact in a dynamic industry, apply now to join our team.

(CLOSED) Front-end Developer open position

We're currently seeking a Frontend Developer to join us at Kaleidos and take on one of our exciting challenges. Specifically, we need someone to help us develop Taiga, a highly complex open-source project built with Angular and NgRX, comprising over 400 Typescript files.

Lovely creatures and a bunch of AI and solo initiatives in the winter ΠWEEK XXIII edition (Part 2)

More than ever, many members of Kaleidos went solo with their own projects on this ΠWEEK winter edition. Some kaleiders made improvements in personal projects and some others started from scratch. Investing a whole week on your own can be challenging as well as gratifying. Enjoy the reading just as we enjoyed discovering the following initiatives on the demo day.

Lovely creatures and a bunch of AI and solo initiatives in the winter ΠWEEK XXIII edition (Part 1)

PIWEEKs are an end in themselves. They seek to experiment, allow us to innovate and, along the way, come across new tools, face frustrations that are different from those of everyday life, and collaborate with colleagues who we don’t usually work with.

Penpot chose Clojure as its language and here’s why

This is probably the question we’ve been asked the most at Penpot. We have a vague explanation in our FAQ page, so with this article I’ll try to explain a bit the motivations and spirit behind each decision. The rationale is multi-faceted.