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Grails "admin-interface" Plugin

At Kaleidos we develop projects with mainly two powerful MVC frameworks: Django and Grails.

For a long time our Django colleagues have been teasing us (the Grails teams) with the great solution that is the Django Admin. Usually the lack of a real admin interface was justified saying “we have scaffolding!” but of course we knew how different those two solutions (scaffolding vs an admin interface) were.

  • Scaffolding ships in two flavors: dynamic and static. The static scaffolding is for code generation to start developing your project and a dynamic scaffolding is not so easily customizable.
  • Scaffolding doesn’t integrates security out-of-the-box.
  • You have to develop on top of scaffolding to have a real backoffice for your clients.
  • You can do certain optimizations inside an Admin interface that can’t be applied with just scaffolding

So, we thought that an admin interface could be a very cool addition to the Grails ecosystem and taking advantage of a calm period between projects we started to develop this idea.

Our objectives were:

  • Easy to use
  • Administration of domain objects
  • Powerful
  • For both final users and developers
  • Extensible

After a few weeks of development we’re proud to introduce: Grails Admin Interface Plugin

We have released the first public version so you can now install it on your Grails project just by adding it to your BuildConfig.groovy

plugins {
    runtime ":admin-interface:0.6.4"

Once the plugin is installed the only mandatory step is to define the domains that you will expose through the admin interface Config.groovy

grails.plugin.admin.domains = [

And… that’s it! you will now have a ready to use administration interface.



List the items


Create a new Item


Well that’s great and all but we can customize to a greater extent.

We can remove fields and group them

Create a new Item


And we can change the custom visualization for each one of the fields (with an abstraction that we have called widget)

Grails Admin (Custom Widget)

This is just a first release, we are planning much more functionality for future releases like…

  • Filters
  • Widget multi-property
  • Batch actions
  • Inline related elements
  • More widgets: Media content, list-view widgets
  • Themes
  • Content roles
  • Changes history (Auditing)
  • User-defined CRUD methods
  • Events
  • Calculated fields

And there is much more so we encourage you to check out the documentation here: https://kaleidos.github.io/grails-admin-interface/

Give it a try and let us know if you found a bug or you want an improvement in our Github page: https://github.com/kaleidos/grails-admin-interface

And if you want to try a live demo you can do so here: http://sample.grailsadmininterface.kaleidos.net

Or check out all the information on the official Grails plugin page: http://grails.org/plugin/admin-interface.