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Penpot chose Clojure as its language and here’s why

This is probably the question we’ve been asked the most at Penpot. We have a vague explanation in our FAQ page, so with this article I’ll try to explain a bit the motivations and spirit behind each decision. The rationale is multi-faceted.

PIWEEK XXI (Part 2): A total of 21 weeks of innovation so far

About pixel-art and VR games, sites to keep your recipes online or to keep track of your mead brews, an online whiteboard or how to access your medical data.

PIWEEK XXI: A total of 21 weeks of innovation so far

How many times have you mentioned spending some quality time on a super cool project that could let you look into a new technology or explore new tools but you’ve never had time to do so?

Exquis: the perfect tool for warm ups and icebreakers

If you’re looking for a different way to open up your retrospectives, your meetings or workshops of any kind, Exquis could be the perfect tool for a fun warm up or ice breaking session. Exquis is an online tool to create collaborative surrealist images.

Why Open Source?

In recent years, companies have increased their trust in open source and the capacity of developer communities to create open, inclusive and high-quality technologies. This is a very positive transformation that we should take advantage of and support.

Atreverse con el Open Source

En los últimos años, ha aumentado la confianza de las empresas en el open source y en la capacidad de las comunidades de desarrolladores para construir tecnologías de alta calidad, inclusivas y abiertas. Supone una transformación muy positiva que debemos aprovechar y apoyar.

Taiga and Penpot lead our new chapter at Kaleidos

The best projects are the evergreen projects, the ones that keep you on your toes long after they’re launched and especially the ones that get developed by the best people.

20 PIWEEKs en 10 años (2/2): de tareas digitalizadas y visualización de datos

Visualizar datos para poder trabajar sobre ellos, tomar decisiones o, simplemente, tener un termómetro de la realidad es lo que tienen en común varios de los proyectos que presentamos ahora.

20 PIWEEKs en 10 años (1/2): Arte y confeti

¿Cuántas veces has querido hacer X pero no tenías Y para llevarlo a cabo?

Bajo esta fórmula se fueron presentando todos los proyectos de nuestra más reciente PIWEEK que celebraba una edición muy especial: ¡el número 20!