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(CLOSED) Front-end Developer open position

We're currently seeking a Frontend Developer to join us at Kaleidos and take on one of our exciting challenges. Specifically, we need someone to help us develop Taiga, a highly complex open-source project built with Angular and NgRX, comprising over 400 Typescript files.

(CERRADO) Buscamos Frontend Developer

Buscamos a nuestra próxima compañera de Front que se sume a uno de los retos de Kaleidos. Desarrollar Taiga. Un proyecto open-source muy complejo de Angular con NgRX (y más de 400 ficheros Typescript).

Lovely creatures and a bunch of AI and solo initiatives in the winter ΠWEEK XXIII edition (Part 2)

More than ever, many members of Kaleidos went solo with their own projects on this ΠWEEK winter edition. Some kaleiders made improvements in personal projects and some others started from scratch. Investing a whole week on your own can be challenging as well as gratifying. Enjoy the reading just as we enjoyed discovering the following initiatives on the demo day.

Lovely creatures and a bunch of AI and solo initiatives in the winter ΠWEEK XXIII edition (Part 1)

PIWEEKs are an end in themselves. They seek to experiment, allow us to innovate and, along the way, come across new tools, face frustrations that are different from those of everyday life, and collaborate with colleagues who we don’t usually work with.

(Cerrado) Buscamos CFO (a jornada reducida)

(Cerrado) Estamos buscando una persona para cubrir un puesto (a jornada reducida) de CFO en Kaleidos.

(Cerrado) Buscamos UI Designer

(Cerrado) Estamos buscando una UI Designer para formar parte de nuestro equipo de Taiga en Kaleidos, donde diseñar interfaces accesibles y bellas.

(Cerrado) Buscamos Content Designer

(Cerrado) Estamos buscando una Audiovisual Content Designer para formar parte de nuestro equipo de Growth en Kaleidos, que disfrute haciendo contenido digital y, sobre todo, audiovisual de forma creativa.

¡Lo hemos conseguido! Nuestro momento ha llegado.

Llevamos meses negociando esta enorme oportunidad para Kaleidos y por fin podemos anunciar que hemos conseguido la financiación de una ronda de inversión serie A de $8M para tener la certeza de que podemos centrarnos en construir productos open source para equipos multidisciplinares.

PIWEEK XXII: New Normal Edition (Part 2)

About pixel art, medical data, holidays and archery projects: open source and available in their respective repositories.